Is your Life Less Than Satisfying? 

Our Desire Is To Help You Design And Live An Abundant, Balanced, And Highly Satisfying Life. 


Hi, we are Dr. Paul and Becky Stanley and we have a message for you.

Are you trapped in a lifestyle that feels rushed, frantic, and stressful…?

Are you experiencing more feelings of futility, fatigue, and overwhelm than fulfillment, energy, and joy…?

If any of this resonates with you, we have an important message to share…

Living a highly satisfying life is possible. It really is.


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This is one of H Paul Stanley's most popular publications available as a free download. The ebook will explain:

  • Why it is essential to your wellbeing to achieve rapid stress relief.

  • What you must do to achieve lasting stress relief.

  • The step that most people overlook, but is imperative to avoid creating new stress as you resolve current stress.

  • What is required if you wish to rid yourself of stress amplifying mindsets.

  • The change that is necessary for you to live a life that is less stressful, more balanced, and highly satisfying.


Are you sick and tired of being STUCK?

H. Paul Stanley Coaching focuses on helping busy people who are stuck in a less-than-satisfying life, design and live full, balanced, and highly satisfying lives so that they can thrive in all areas of life.

Ignoring a problem never makes it go away… it only makes things worse, and ultimately harder to solve. The good news is that you’ve come to the right place for support as you take action to jumpstart your life! The difference between staying where you are indefinitely, and moving forward to realize your potential, is all about taking action.

Did you know there is a sequence to SUCCESS? 

Success doesn’t happen by chance. It happens by choice. When you combine the right information with precise implementation you get rapid transformation!

H. Paul Stanley Coaching helps both individuals and organizations develop processes through which they can achieve outstanding results.

In life there are always going to be ups and downs. What if you could learn how to make the up times last — and minimize or eliminate the down times? H. Paul Stanley Coaching provides training solutions with the aim of doing just that.


It is our goal to help you achieve greater success, faster, and with fewer setbacks. From on-site workshops to online courses and coaching, we strive to help you create change from the inside out.

All The Tools You Need To Build A Successful Life & Business



What did Michael Jordan, Princess Diana, Michael Hyatt and Oprah Winfrey all have in common? They all used coaches. 

Even at the peak of their careers, great leaders continue to use coaches to help them achieve more. If you are ready to take action and create the outcomes you want, we offer coaching programs to assist you in the process. Improve your performance and your results! Check out our coaching services designed to accelerate your success. 



Want thorough training to help you master the art of living a full, balanced, highly satisfying life, but can’t imagine it fitting into your busy schedule?

H. Paul Stanley Coaching offers high quality online video courses and training that you can watch on your own time. They give you the opportunity to learn on your own time – and to grow on your own time. We pour passion, knowledge, and practical pointers into all of our videos. Which means the courses and trainings are designed not just to engage you; they’ll also designed to change you. 



When you want your event to be a success, you need to be able to rely on your speaker to deliver a message that will inspire, entertain, and create positive change. You want more than temporary motivation… you want to create permanent transformation! After all, it’s your responsibility to make the event memorable, and you don’t want to leave anything to chance. H. Paul Stanley Coaching delivers skill-building content and cutting-edge insights that will educate and energize your audience.

What people are saying...

Janet Baker

"I came to this class because I felt stressed and felt like I needed a change. I found it to be interesting. I especially liked the jokes. The material that was covered was meaty and applicable to life."
Michelle Edwards
"This course is life-changing. I have started thinking about stress in a different way. I now think, "What is dissatisfying? What do I want?"
Sidney Collier
"This class was great for getting started in setting and accomplishing power goals. Dr. Stanley is a great listener and very responsive, giving very relevant answers to questions."
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