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I intended to post this a couple of weeks ago but…


…there’s a reason I didn't.


Keep reading to find out why.


I like tee shirts, especially those that are humorous or that have a message.


Several years ago, my daughter gave me such a shirt for my birthday. It’s the one my granddaughters are pointing to in the picture.


On the front of the shirt, it says, “i have not yet begun to procrastinate.”


The Problem


Yes, it’s true. I am a master procrastinator!


Procrastination has always been one of my self-defeating ways of "coping" with stress.


When life gets stressful, with more to do than there seems to be time to do it, and the pressure increases, I just put it off until later.


That way I don't have to think about it.


Can you relate to this?


If so, you probably have experienced some of the same painful consequences that I have. When I procrastinate...


  • The dreaded tasks that must eventually be done just get bigger and bigger, and thus, harder and harder to face.

  • I also lose out on the benefits that would come from completing the tasks.


  • I don't achieve the goals I want to accomplish.


  • The unfinished and increasingly more urgent tasks are always in the back of my mind keeping me from relaxing and making me feel burdened.


  • Not doing what needs to be done is expensive – like having to pay penalties and interests on unpaid income tax when the return was filed late [been there, done that] 😕


Bottom line: Procrastination is stressful and stress is painful.


The Solution


I wouldn’t bring up such a problem without giving you a solution.


So, here is a solution you can use. 😊


Bottom line: Procrastination is stressful and stress is painful.


That is why I wanted to tell you about a research study that I came across some time ago.


Researchers at the University of Salzburg designed a study to find out how effective ...


  • individual coaching


  • group training


  • self-coaching


...are in helping people like me and you stop procrastinating (or at least, procrastinate less) and become more successful in achieving goals.


If you would like to reduce procrastination and increase your success in reaching your goals, you will be interested to know that both individual coaching and group training were found to be effective.


Both helped the research participants procrastinate less and achieve more success in accomplishing goals.


However, there were some differences in the impact of coaching and that of training.


Those receiving group training learned information, and then used that information to reduce procrastination and achieve goals with some measure of success.


The participants that were involved in individual coaching, on the other hand, experienced benefits that the researchers called "superior."


Furthermore, those who were coached reported greater satisfaction with their outcomes.


As for the self-coaching, it helped reduce procrastination but did not help the participants become more successful in achieving goals.


It seems these participants just got busy being unsuccessful.


So, both group training and individual coaching can help you be more successful in living a more abundant, balanced, and highly satisfying life.


Of course, as you know, a life that is more abundant, balanced, and satisfying is less stressful.

A Tip

If procrastinating less would help you live a more abundant, balanced and satisfying life, read a self-help book and engage in self-coaching.



If you need both to reduce procrastination and more successfully achieve goals to live an abundant balanced and highly satisfying life, get training.



If procrastinating less and becoming superior at achieving goals is what would best help you enjoy a life of abundance, balance, and satisfaction, work with a coach.



If you are highly motivated to live your best life, do all three.


A Resource You Can Use


When stress is a problem, balance is the solution.


That is why I provide a transformational curriculum-based coaching program. You can learn more about it by clicking here.

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